Monday, 1 October 2007

And ... we're off

So, it's midnight, and I've got to be up in 4 hours to get my flight.
Guy and I had a great time for 2 weeks climbing in Corsice and Sardinia. Not sure it did my fitness training (or waistline) much good, but the climbing was fab and the scenery is beautiful.
Emma has just been up Kilimanjaro ... twice ... with her Exodus clients, so she's in full on mountain mode. I've been sleeping up the midi top station (much to the amusement of the lifties), so I'm 3800m ready ... And apart from a climbing scare in Wales, and some seriously last minute packing, we're all set. Bring on Nepal!
I'm struggling to get my head around what I'm supposed to do with skis, and I'm sure there's about a million things I've forgotten, but I'm sure we'll work that one out when we're there ...
See ya,

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